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The Icing On The Cake

As it is the first thing you see, the finish on a piece of furniture is like the icing on the cake. The Restoration Studio offers an endless array of finish choices. Whether a piece is stained or painted can totally change its personality and determine how and where it may be utilized in your home.

Painted Finishes - Nobody does it better !

We custom blend all our own lacquer paints at The Studio, nobody else specializes in custom solid color painted lacquers like we do.

You dream up the color - we'll make your vision a reality

You choose...... Classic (Solid color, no antiquing), Antiqued (light to medium distressing), or Primitive (Heavy authentic worn paint finish)

 classic linen white  antique linen white  primitive linen white

     Classic              Antiqued             Primitive


Painted finishes have always been popular, and at The Restoration Studio we offer far more than just a painted finish....we take painted finishes to a whole new level!

Stained Finishes  -  Better Than New  !

Furniture refinishing is what we do at The Restoration Studio, and perfecting our traditional stained finishes is how we first gained our reputation. Taking something ordinary, and making it extraordinary. That's where it's at  !

Standard Or Custom

Furniture refinishing color options are only limited by the species of wood and your imagination.  You can choose from our color chart of standard stain finishes, match the original finish or custom color match another piece of furniture or cabinetry in your home.

Custom Stain Matching Service Available

Our Refinishing Process

 placemat table before placemat table during placemat table after

We are often asked what our refinishing process is ?  Our standard process goes somewhat as follows:

Hardware is removed   Piece is disassembled when possible   Furniture is either hand stripped or in some cases stripped in our veneer safe flow over system  Repairs are performed as needed    All pieces are sanded as needed    All pieces are stained as needed    All pieces are sprayed with 2 coats lacquer sanding sealer    All pieces are lightly sanded   All pieces are sprayed with several coats of catalyzed lacquer    All pieces are lightly sanded again Touch up is done as needed    All pieces are color tinted or shaded as needed   All pieces are final coated in our spray booth with at least two more coats of catalyzed lacquer    Hardware is cleaned or polished when needed    Hardware is installed    Furniture is assembled    Final inspection before delivery or pick up.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

The Wanamaker Organ Refinishing Project

Here is a look at our refinishing process on a more grand scale. One of several projects we have been involved with on the historical landmark Wanamaker Organ, We refinished the surround and you can see our work on display at Macy's Philadelphia. We refinished part of the organ console as well, along with the gold balcony railing and music cabinets.


Performing Repairs


Sanding Completed

Paint Stripping

Sealer Coats Applied

Wall Stripping Completed

Touch Up And Tint Coats Completed

Column Stripping Completed

Finish Coats Completed

The Refinished Project Completed And Installed !

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The Completed Project !!