How To Repair Veneer On Wood Furniture

We've put together an in depth tutorial demonstrating techniques to repair veneer on wood and furniture that is peeling or loose. In this tutorial, Rod Keyser works on a Mid Century Modern Edmond Spence Dresser.

In the above video, Rod Keyser packs some valuable veneer repair tips, techniques and how to's into this super informative video as he takes us along on his journey as he restores a Spence Mid Century Modern dresser with veneer problems.

The most common repairs to enter a restorers workshop are loose and broken chairs, followed closely by veneer repairs. The world is full of beautifully veneered high quality furniture that is in need of repair. It's more common for older veneered furniture to need repair, that for it to not.

So it goes without saying, that if you have an appreciation for tinkering with older furniture, adding some serious veneer repair skills to your repertoire would be very beneficial.  Veneer repair requires a wide scope of techniques, due to the many different degrees of severity you can encounter.

This tutorial focuses on how to glue up loose peeling veneer. There are also tutorials in The Refinishing Studio that demonstrate replacing veneer, repairing a veneer bubble, making a veneer patch, removing veneer and more !


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