Finish and Paint Removal Tips and Techniques

In this tutorial on Wood Furniture Finish Stripping, Rod gives us some insider "How To" tips and techniques to make the job easier.  He also reviews the DIY products you'll need to strip wood furniture.

First Step - What Products Will You Need ?

Many furniture refinishing projects start with stripping off the old finish.  In the Video below, We'll go over some of the basic products you can use to make the finish removal a snap!

Stripping Wood Furniture

What Type Of Stripper Works Best?



Let's get Started!!

So where do we start ?  Well, my first order of business was to remove any hardware on the piece of furniture I am stripping.  In this case, I am refinishing a chest of drawers.  Here is a video with some helpful tips on how to remove hardware from furniture.


Watch Movie ~ Hardware Removal Tip

So many paint removers.....where do I start?

Stripping furniture can be as simple, or as hard as you choose to make it. Using the right finish remover, following the right steps, and using the correct products can make a tough job so much easier !!

In this video tutorial, we get ready to strip a chest of drawers.  Rod will go over all the products he'll be using, along with giving us some great tips to make the the job go quicker and come out cleaner.

Watch Movie ~

Finish Removal Tips and Techniques