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Our reproduction stains and varnishes are for professional use only.

Restoration Stains For Vintage Heywood Wakefield  Furniture

Restore your mid century modern Heywood Wakefield furniture to it's original glory. It's fast and surprisingly easy !!

YES....we sell Vintage Heywood Wakefield reproduction refinishing stains and kits

Part one of our "How To Video Series" on refinishing Heywood Wakefield Furniture using our refinishing kit. GETTING STARTED

Achieve professional results with our easy to use, specially formulated Heywood Wakefield reproduction refinishing kits.


We were the first manufacturer of reproduction Wheat and Champagne stains and refinishing kits made available to the public.

The Restoration Studio has been producing authentic looking reproduction HW finishes & stains since 2005. To this day, we are the only manufacturer of non-toxic water based Heywood Wakefield reproduction stains In the world !!  Our 30+ plus years of research and development has resulted in an almost perfect match to the original vintage Heywood Wakefield mid century modern finishes in our exclusive very easy to use system.

Heywood Wakefield Staining


Heywood Wakefield Staining


All of our products come with complete "How To" instructions.

Our stains and varnishes are non-toxic water based finishes , and believe us....it's the only way to go !! Trust the Pro's, this is as easy as it gets....wipe it on....wipe it off.

If you want a more opaque color, apply a second coat of stain. Once dry, apply two or three coats of our Toner varnish and you will have an heirloom you can be proud of !

All of our products are top of the line commercial grade. They are designed to be applied only after complete stripping and/or sanding of the piece is done.

We offer both Wheat and Champagne refinishing kits

How Much Product Do I Need ?

1 One Quart Kit should be enough to refinish a Dining room table, base and leaves.





several chairs.



How to order & what's included:

We sell our Heywood Wakefield finishes two different ways.... kits or stain only.

KITS include both the stain and a toned finishing varnish, plus instructions.

STAINS are the base stain & instructions only, and do not include any finishing varnish.


My husband and I were very hesitant to refinish our Heywood Wakefield dining room suit from the mid-fifties. We wanted it to look as it did when manufactured. We did much research and bought the refinishing kit from The Restoration Studio. The directions were so clear and complete and the products were exactly what we had needed. Our dining suit turned out beautiful, just like I remembered it as a child. Would highly recommend. Thank you so much!

Robbye Howard

Here's a Heywood desk refinished in wheat by a long time repeat customer. Great job Richard!

hw desk before

hw desk after

Join furniture restorer Rod Keyser,  owner of The Restoration Studio LLC and creator of the original reproduction Heywood Wakefield restoration stain formula on our Youtube Channel.



Youtube furniture refinishing

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STAIN- QUART.... $69.99  ( Stain only, complete instructions Included)

Finish Choices


KIT- QUART.... $129.99    (One QUART of Stain PLUS One QUART of Toned Satin Finishing Varnish with instructions)

Finish Choices

TONED FINISHING VARNISH .... $69.99   (One QUART of Toned Satin VARNISH only, to be used over our HW Stain)

Finish Choices

The Original

Our water reducible wiping stains can be coated with our finish, or any of your favorite finishes once dry. They are compatible with lacquer, oil, poly, urethane, wax, etc.

Our finish (varnish) that is included in our kits is a non toxic, fast drying and highly durable water borne acrylic polyurethane - NOT slow drying oil.

Developed and manufactured by one of the nations leading vintage Heywood Wakefield Furniture Restorers,
The Restoration Studio LLC


Wheat or Champagne... Which Reproduction Heywood Wakefield finish do I need?

Many pieces of Heywood Wakefield furniture will be stamped with the color. Look under tables, chairs, on back panels, etc for a stamped color. Sometimes only one piece will be stamped, so be sure to check them all. If this fails to produce the color, you will need to match it up to samples.

You may find your Champagne piece is more pink, or your Wheat more orange. The fact is, many of the original colors don't match one another. Heywood's finishes were known to differ throughout the years. Another factor is the aging process of the lacquer that was used in the 40's and 50's. The early lacquers turned yellow/orange with age. This is not so noticeable on a darker finish, but has a great effect on lighter finishes such as Wheat or Champagne. For various reasons, many pieces have aged differently. We have seen many Wheat pieces we thought were Champagne, and visa versa. When we developed our stains, we chose to recreate the most common color that we feel is most often found.

There are many versions of the two finishes. Below you will find what I feel to be good examples of pristine original Heywood Wakefield Wheat and Champagne.

Original (not refinished) Champagne


Original (not refinished) Wheat


Actual color of our champagne refinishing stain

hw champagne

Actual color of our wheat refinishing stain

hw wheat

Please Note - We do not offer personalized Customer Support. For assistance, we have addressed all of the questions we get in the FAQ section. Our products are shipped with clear, detailed instructions and more importantly, we have a Step By Step "How To" video series detailing every step of the process.

Our products are intended for professional use, and by purchasing them it is implied that you are a qualified professional and/or have a good general knowledge of wood stains, finishing and wood preparation.  Thank you.