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Rod Keyser owner of The Restoration Studio LLC

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Rod Keyser, The Restoration Studio LLC

I'm so glad you visited our website!! I'm Rod Keyser and I'm here to help you save time, save money and assist you in life by sharing my experiences with you that I've learned through my 35 years of being a furniture restorer. Life is hard enough. Furniture refinishing and restoration should be fun, and it is !  Let me enhance that enjoyment for you through inspiration, motivation, experience and knowledge.

Embarking on a "fun" project like flipping that awesome yard sale find, doing a total makeover on a piece of tired or outdated furniture or or even just repairing some wobbly chairs can be enjoyable and therapeutic. Have you noticed though, that when things go wrong, the fun can quickly turn into despair, stress and even anger ?

The Furniture Refinishing Studio was developed with the sole intention of being your Zen when you want guidance for any of your furniture refinishing related projects. Information you can rely on, from people you can trust.

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