fix a wobbly chair

How To Fix A Wobbly Chair Or Table | Two Easy DIY Methods

Today is the day you stop putting up with that annoying chair that wobbles every time you sit down at the kitchen table. Rod is going to show us how to fix a wobbly chair with two super creative easy DIY methods.


Video Tutorial


How To Fix A Wobbly Chair Or Table

We are often times confronted with a chair or table that rocks or wobbles when we sit in it. Sometimes it's the chair, while other times it's the floor.  

Either way, it can be a simple fix.  Rod Keyser, from The Restoration Studio LLC demonstrates his two favorite methods to fix a wobbly chair or table in this video tutorial. We were surprised when we set out to make this tutorial that we found several videos were the suggested method was to cut down three of the legs.  We suggest you don't do that, and instead watch our tutorial for two far less invasive methods.

There's no need to put up with a chair that wobbles any longer!




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