Missing Parts On Furniture

How To Reproduce A Missing Molding Or Part Of Furniture | Mold Making

It's not unusual with older furniture to find missing parts such as a molding, detail piece, rosette, trim, applique, rung, foot, hardware, etc. Here is the best and easiest DIY method to reproduce missing parts on furniture.

Video Tutorial


We are often times confronted with a piece of wood furniture that is missing a piece of trim or molding. That one piece of trim or molding that changes everything. A piece of molding (moulding if you use the English term) or trim is probably the most common missing part on furniture.  Furniture detail pieces such as a rosette or applique is not unusual either, especially on vintage or antique furniture. A piece of a leg or foot on a chest or table or perhaps a turned chair rung that is missing can be an impossible task for even a seasoned veteran, let alone a casual hobbyist.

Thankfully, traditional wood furniture repair techniques such as carving and wood turning on a lathe are often times not required In lieu of modern materials and new methods such as mold making compound and casting resin.

Armed with your new found skills after watching the above video tutorial, you'll be viewing those amazing pieces you might have passed on at the flea market because of missing pieces from a completely different perspective!  You'll be reproducing parts that would make the most skilled furniture restorer green with envy!!





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